So here’s the situation: You signed up on AIESEC’s website and you selected an amazing job opportunity abroad. You’ve been approved for an interview with the AIESEC committee and the company interested in hiring you and you have no clue on how to behave during the interview or what to do or ask.

Don’t worry! With this article you’ll be ready for anything and why not, even for intervews that have nothing to do with AIESEC 😉.

Here’s how to be ready and shine like a star on the interview!

What you need to prepare before?

​1. Motivation

Be clear with ​your​ motivation and what can be ​your​ contribution to the company ​you are applying for; Your biggest weapon is your “why”, your purpose.

2. Be proactive

You surely have plenty of doubts about your Job description or anything else pertaining the company or AIESEC (accommodation, extra activities, if something happens who to call). Don’t be afraid to ask! There are no stupid questions. Well, that is, unless the answer is easily available online! Research any information online and see if some of your doubts are cleared that way. you can discuss your findings with the recruiter.

3. Better safe than stuck at an airport

Are you sure you got everything you need to travel abroad?

​Check VISA requirements in advance; you would be surpired at how many good opportunities are wasted because no good care was given to VISA preparation.

Rules are your most important weapon

​4. Know your rights

Read the Exchange Participant Principles to understand exchange participant’s rights and privileges (you may find a copy here: http://bit.ly/2n07KmM)

5. Read up!

We prepared this magic link for you: http://bit.ly/tipsforiterviewaiesec 
Here you can find the hub with:

  • The most frequent questions
  • Assessment centre
  • Psychometric tests to better know yourself and allow recruiters to understand you better
  • Interview tests and exercises
  • Top 5 job interview mistakes
  • How to ace a Skype interview

Good luck with your interview and enjoy the experience!